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Had a fun little job. Customer brought us in a Pink Cricket in 22 and ask John to put a custom carbon fiber wrapped stock and make it collapsible for back packing. John opened up the chamber to make loading easier for adult hands. We put on fiber optic green and red sights for better visibility. The barrel and rifle come apart and strap together for easy storage in your back pack. The start weight on this was 44 oz and finished product weighs 31 oz.


original front sight


better shot of original chamber area


original stock. stock and barrel weighed 44 oz to start


barrel and carbon fiber stock with new trigger and opened chamber to fit an adult hand.


New fiber optic rear sights.


new fiber optic front sights.


Finished barrel and stock weighs in at 31 oz.


folds down to nice compact size for sliding into your backpack.

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