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J Bar S Gunworks a family owned and run company.

We believe life is too short to hunt with an ugly gun. With schooling and hands on experience that covers everything from hunting varmints to bears,  cowboy action shooting to IDPA, millitary M4s to 1891 Marlins.

Let us help you get your favorite gun ready for what ever adventure awaits.

FFL Distibuter Aims Surplus

Distributor for San Tan Tactical

we carry the Versacarry conceal carry system

Distributor for Tactical Solutions

FFL Dealers

FFl Distributor for Aero Precision


If it doesn’t work, bring it in.

No matter if it’s the latest AR or if it’s grandpa’s old hunting rifle, a broken fire arm is no fun for you to deal with.


Barrel to long? Caliber not right? Stock doesn’t fit? Need your AR upgraded?


Are you sitting on a gold mine?

Single fire arm to full estates.

Certified appraisals for insurance or estate settlements.

JBARS Gunworks inquiry

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